Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation


Passionate, Focused, Deliberate in our approach – we offer PRECISION, TIMELESS and EXCLUSIVE keepsakes designed to last for generations.


When our team operates at our highest level, we are operating at 100% – A point where the power of Teamwork becomes magical.

Our highest points of Teamwork are characterized with the power achieved when water is pushed to its boiling point – at 100 degrees, it vaporizes and produces steam – and steam produces power – that extra degree of energy produce incredible results – results that we are proud to celebrate

Join us in celebrating our 100 Degree Moments™

The Argus Story

We All Have a Story – Ours is Remarkable

Our company was established in 1958 when a group of eight employees bought the assets of their employer.

Argus was chosen as it aligned with a desire to be constantly aware of our Customer’s needs.  The name originated within Greek Mythology where Argus was a guard with a hundred eyes which ensured constant awareness over his watch

Our logo celebrates the history of Argus as a guard and as a company in our drive to be the best, and make a positive impact on the world

  1. The five circles celebrate the Olympic Games – The greatest competition on earth, where only the very best compete
  2. Progressively larger circles recognize the power of our contribution – similar to the ripples produced when an item is dropped in the water, our actions are far reaching
  3. Each circle is made up of 24 diamonds representing the 24 hours of each day – noting our need for constant awareness and adaptation
  4. Diamonds were chosen because of the strong bond between its atoms which represent the power of Teamwork
  5. Five circles of 24 diamonds total 120 – representing the GreatHundred eyes of Argus

Our Commitment

We offer world class luxury products to the world’s most demanding Customers.  By combining 60 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise with art we utilize our passion for excellence to shock our highest level of critics.

Argus: A Legacy for the Future

60 years of Dedicated Service to the Manufacturing Industry

Utilizing the core operations and expertise of Argus Machine Co. Ltd., we are developing product for the new world.  We service a vast Customer base around the globe based upon our reputation for market leading product.  Our manufacturing expertise and deeply rooted appreciation for quality inspired us to creatively explore items that preserve and display meaningful keepsakes.

Our Focus on Perfection

Focused on Being Recognized as Best in the World

Located in the heartland of Alberta, Canada, we operate a state of the art manufacturing facility with more than 70 CNC machine tools.  Our highly skilled team of over 150 lend their years of experience to operating and producing quality products. With our combined skill, creativity and access to the finest manufacturing equipment, we are able to produce legacy products that reflect the importance of the keepsakes they designed to hold and keep.

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